By Leslie Grajeda / Staff Writer

If you seriously identify as “Super Straight”,’ then you’re at the very least a loser and at the very most a transphobe.

For those of you who don’t know, Super Straight is a new “sexuality” that was created by a transphobe on TikTok. The term migrated to the social-media app 4chan, where it was then claimed by Nazis, which is why the flag they made has the SS symbol.

Super Straight is the preference “of the opposite sex only if they were biologically born that gender”. Transphobic people have now claimed it is a sexual orientation.

Now, it’s completely understandable to have genital preference. As a lesbian, I have genital preference. However, this “sexuality” is just an excuse to be bigoted toward trans women. By their own logic, they would be OK with dating a pre-operation trans-man but they won’t because “they look like a man.”
The Super Straights are also trying to make this a queer identity, even though they hate queer people and belittle our identities.

In my personal opinion, people want this to be a sexuality because they want a cool flag and to be celebrated. However, as a queer person, this is extremely offensive because they’ve never had to fight for their right to be themselves. They have always been the status quo and are represented everywhere, throughout all time. The one thing that queer people get is a month and flags as consolation. We have those so we are forgotten to history once again. We are here, we are queer, and we will never be forgotten again.

So take your fake sexuality and realize that not everything is for you and that’s OK.

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