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First Friday in the month, Employee Appreciation Day

This holiday first arrived on calendars in 1995. Workman Publishing created Employee Appreciation Day as a way of focusing the attention of all employees, in all industries on employee recognition. As long as you get a paycheck, you should be recognized today.

March 8, International (Working) Women’s Day

It’s sponsored by the UN.  The origins of this holiday goes back to the late 1800’s and early 1900s. It came from the  women’s socialist movements and early women’s trade union groups. Celebrate the women at your jobs, schools, in your life.

March 12, Plant a Flower Day

Blossom today, everyone. Gardening is a great hobby. It’s enjoyed by millions of people, old and young alike. It’s a hobby that virtually everyone can participate in, regardless of age, and health. It’s argued when exactly this day is, but it’s most often said to be the introduction of spring and shows up on calendars most often on March 12.

March 14, National Potato Chip Day

Crunch bad vibes out of your life with Potato chips! August 24, 1853 the “Saratoga chip” was invented by Chef George Crum because of picky and unhappy customers and this American classic blossomed. This oily classic should be honored on this glorious day.

March 20, UN International Day of Happiness

Smile, because it’s the UN international day of happiness. The United Nations created and celebrates this holiday annually, as a way to “recognize the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world”. Every year, the UN issues a theme for this day. In 2020, the theme is “Happy Together”. So although it’s during a pandemic, don’t forget to cherish your loved ones and call them. Make each other smile, appreciate time and life itself. 

March 20, National Corndog Day

Nobody clearly knows who invented the corndog, but we know they’re delicious, cheap, and a fun filled meal. Whether you go out buying them or make them in the comfort of your home, It will be a good time. A corny time.

March 23, National Chip and Dip Day

Snacking habits are valid on this day. This day was most likely created by the snack food industry.  Don’t forget National Potato Chip Day on March 14, and this holiday is to recognize other chips like corn or tortilla chips. So enjoy this tasty treat along with some salsa, bean dip or cheese sauce.

March 31, National Crayon Day

Color me joyful! In 1902, the Crayola brand arrived on the scene and the world of crayons changed. This day can be a bittersweet, because Crayola has retired 50 colors, most often on this day. Take time to relive childhood or help create someone else’s.

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