By Sam Bailey / Editor In Chief

For many kids in Kansas, January and February are months they look forward to in the hopes of landing a snow day and getting out of school.

Many students at Hutchinson Community College are no different. They find themselves looking out the windows in the hopes to see snow and be able to stay in bed for a few extra hours.

However, some students wish for snow for more reasons than to just get out of school. Many athletes at HutchCC didn’t grow up in Kansas and may not have ever seen snow.

HutchCC student Trevor Whiteman brings some snowballs inside for possible use later this year. Photo by Sam Bailey / Editor in Chief

On the night of Jan. 26, many HutchCC students in the dorms found themselves outside playing in the snow that had recently fallen.

“I think most people wanted to go out and enjoy themselves in the snow, because so many of us come from places where it rarely snows,” said North Carolina freshman Ronald Hoff.

In Kansas, it can be easy to take something so simple as some snow on the ground for granted.  

“Growing up, we rarely saw snow,” Hoff said. “I can count on my fingers how many times I can remember playing outside with my sibling in the snow. Seeing it brought me joy, just reminiscing on old times with my siblings.”

Local students also had fun in the snow, watching and playing with people who were not as familiar with it.

“It was hilarious to see guys from Florida constantly slipping in the snow,” said Trevor Whiteman, Udall freshman.

In the world of COVID-19, life can be stressful, especially for college students. Being able to go outside and relax can be just the escape many people need.

When asked if he thought the stresses of COVID-19 affected people’s decision to go out in the snow, Hoff said, “Honestly yes, because with all of COVID-19 going on, it has stopped a lot of interaction, and has caused so many people to forget what the feeling is to be outside and enjoy yourself without any worries of spreading a disease.”

It can be easy to forget all these worries when snowballs are being thrown in every direction.

Whiteman’s favorite part of the night was “seeing someone get ganged up on and attacked by 10s of snowballs.”

“My favorite part was seeing some of the guys that never talk branch out and enjoy themselves with all of the interaction that was going on while we were playing in the snow,” Hoff said.

Socializing as a college student has looked extremely different this year, but snow was one way these students found to come together and enjoy themselves.

“Everyone really enjoyed themselves and I really hope we get snow again,” Hoff said.

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