As the spring semester starts up and everyone readjusts to their daily schedule and work loads, it is important to remember to take care of yourself.

The world that we live in tends to go full speed, and it is OK to admit that it can be exhausting. Between school, work, sports, activities, family life, social life, and a million other things, life can get pretty chaotic and stressful. When a person is under too much stress, it can lead to health problems and poor mental health. That being said, knowing how to take care of yourself is crucial.

In our society, we often take little time for ourselves when we need it most. Learn to say ‘no’ and choose to save time that is just for you. Leave time in your day when you aren’t responsible for anything.

In that time, do whatever you know relaxes you: put on headphones and listen to your favorite albums, bake a batch of cookies, or talk with a friend.

It is OK to slow down, take time, and just relax. Not everything has to be perfect and not everything has to be accomplished in a day.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your life doesn’t have to be all sorted out either. It’ll all going to be all right.

The Collegian Editorial Board

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