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The media has been filled with negativity for a good majority of 2020. Between a global pandemic and the upcoming election, the media could use some light hearted additions. 

The Hutchinson Collegian staff members have brainstormed and came up with a few ideas to add a little more positivity to the publication. 

These new features include a weekly horoscope, a dating-advice column and random-thoughts submission. 

“We wanted to start these features as a way to communicate with the student body more and just to lighten the mood.” said Sam Bailey, Collegian Editor In Chief. “Feel-good stories in a global pandemic can be hard to come by so we want to give students a place to go to escape the pressures of life for a few minutes every week.”

Collegian staff writer Brooke Greene will be researching the astrological signs to develop the horoscope section. The horoscope will give a brief prediction of each particular sign’s upcoming week. 

The dating-advice column gives readers an opportunity to interact with the Collegian by submitting questions or issues they may be struggling with. 

Staff members will discuss the submissions, decide who is most qualified to answer the question or discuss the issue, and (possibly) publish the response in the following edition. 

Questions can be submitted via email to 

The Collegian will not answer anything that will compromise people’s privacy, harm an individual, or anything graphic or x-rated. 

The final addition was inspired by the University of Kansas student newspaper, The University Daily Kansan. 

Readers can call or text the Collegian at (620) 422-0784 and leave a message of any random thought or story they wish to share. 

“Be respectful. That’s really all we ask.” Bailey said. “Don’t break anyone’s privacy and don’t tell us anything that you wouldn’t tell a newspaper for them to print.”

There will be no responses to the messages submitted, but use this to get out any random thoughts, funny stories, or embarrassing moments. 

Any submissions to the dating advice column or random thoughts section will be published anonymously or with names changed to protect the privacy of the submitter. 

Have fun with the submissions and let us know what’s on your mind.

“We want to hear from the student body and know what they are really thinking and feeling.” Bailey said. 

These features can be expected to be published as early as next week’s issues. 

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