By Jolene Moore / Staff Writer

Wednesday started the Reno County Health Department’s launch of a 10-day challenge in hopes that it will help slow the spread of COVID-19.

In partnership with Hutchinson Regional Medical Center, the City of Hutchinson, and the Hutchinson Clinic, this challenge ends on Nov. 13. HutchCC is encouraging staff and students to participate in this challenge to do their part in curbing the spread. This challenge states that people:

  • Continue to wear a mask with distancing of at least six feet at any time you are indoors, unless you are in a home, but still remain six feet when outdoors as well. If you notice someone who is not listening to these safety procedures then encourage them to lift their mask to their face and maintain six feet of distance. It is everyone’s job to keep people accountable to their actions of possibly hurting others.
  • If office meetings are needing to be held, it is asked that you do so with online meeting spaces, such as using email or Zoom.
  • When in a classroom please try to continue social-distancing measures.
  • Try to avoid any indoor spaces with anyone that is a non-household member unless it is absolutely essential.
  • Hold any gatherings that are of a large number of people online. Avoid gatherings that involve singing, refreshment tables or any high-risk activities.
  • Support local business by wearing masks, maintaining six-feet distancing when in person, and if it is at all possible, order online to limit contact.
  • A way to support local restaurants by ordering take-out instead of eating in.
  • Maintain your regular healthy habits by staying up to date with routine appointments with your doctor, eye specialist, and dentist.
  • Try to maintain a healthy balanced routine and diet.

A town hall meeting will be held online at 7 p.m. Thursday. Healthcare professionals in Reno will be discussing the current COVID outbreaks and situations while answering questions. Residents of Reno County can watch the meeting on the Reno County YouTube Channel or on the Reno County Emergency Management Facebook page.

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