By Sam Bailey / Editor in Chief

The Pandemic Election of 2020. 

The election that is causing major cities to board up their stores and more publicity for voting than ever before.

Amid all this chaos and excitement, one student at Hutchinson Community College holds fast to his support for President Donald Trump.

“I like Trump because of what he has done for the country,” said Hutchinson sophomore Cole Anderson. “Since his election, four million jobs have been created, unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 49 years, taxes have been cut, not raised and pre-COVID economic growth was up more than 4%.”

While the election is still up in the air for a true winner,  Anderson has a strong opinion on who he believes should win.

“I can only pray it’s Trump,” Anderson said.

Anderson also likes how Trump gets things done without worrying about what people think of him. After all, the real-estate mogul is a businessman first.

“I think he will be good for another four years, I believe he will continue to do what he’s always done, what he said he will. Continue to put America first instead of other countries, and in turn, grow the economy even more,” Anderson said.

Being a Trump supporter does not necessarily mean someone is always a Republican. For many voters, the line is not that easy to draw.

For many people, the choice of candidate comes before the political party. Even religion can play a big part in the way someone votes.

“I consider myself a republican on all accounts,” Anderson said “I don’t see how as a Christian and a believer in my constitutional rights, I could be anything else.”

When looking at the election from a religious standpoint, even more factors can be taken into account.

“A few key things for me is the ability to worship,” Anderson said. ”The act of abortion is wrong, the baby has rights, it’s a human being just like you and me. In general, we don’t need more government overreach. We left England to get away from it.”

With this election still not conclusive , the country is left dissecting every result they can.

“I thought it was interesting that news stations called Biden’s states almost immediately when almost no data was present, while Florida was 98 percent reported and clearly for Trump but they refused to call it,” Anderson said.

Even with these questions raised, Anderson says he is not overly surprised by the results as they currently stand.

“The election so far has gone about as expected, I knew it would be very close and so far it has been. I can only hope that no riots will ensue on either side when the outcome is official,” Anderson said.

The 2020 election is one that seems to have the country on edge, waiting for what world they will wake up to when the results are finally official.

All America can do is wait.

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