By Izzy Wheeler / Staff Writer

“The Tulgey Wood”, Hutchinson Community College’s annual student literary magazine, needs an editor and co-editor for the 2021 edition.

Every year, “The Tulgey Wood” puts a magazine together, and the staff puts up fliers as soon as possible during the year. Since this year isn’t a regular school year, the staff’s cutoff date is April 15, 2021 for pieces to come in, and the final stage of picking the best pieces will begin.

“The Tulgey Wood” publishes student poetry, fiction and nonfiction, and artwork in black-and-white and color.

The editor will scan art and photography to size, and select digital submissions. The editor will edit, spellcheck, and check creativity to see that a poem is a poem.

According to English Professor Dan Pohl, who serves as the publication’s adviser, “We want poems that show the action taking place or the emotion that’s taking place, we don’t want poems that just tell us that the person is angry or happy.”

The editor will work with .jpeg, .rft, .doc, and .docx electronic documents. The main task involves putting together an entertaining representation of student creativity from the 2020-2021 school year.

Some requirements for this position include: students must have a 3.0-4.0 GPA, knows how to write, what to look for (entertaining value), how to edit, and knows how to put the best effort forward as far as representing HutchCC.

Recommendations from other faculty members are helpful. Pohl said he is looking for someone with a “creative spark and artistic mindset”.

If interested, contact Pohl at or call 665-3334, Monday 1:40-2:40 p.m. or Tuesday or Thursday from 9:10-11:20 p.m.

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