By Tabitha Barr / Editor in Chief

Students are no longer working long hours in the classroom or the library, but are now having to make their own spaces to get through the rest of the semester.

The COVID-19 pandemic swept the world and turned face-to-face classes into their own world. Online classes have become the new format, and both students and staff are learning their way around the new environment.

Students are having a hard time going from face-to-face connections with instructors to waiting for an email response chain. Although online classes are nothing new, having every class online is. It makes for new creative methods to come about.

Sophomore Alyssa Ibarra, who’s majoring in Media Communications and Production, said that her space is different compared to the normal school desk.

“I don’t have a desk in my room so I use a small ‘computer desk,’ almost like a food tray but not,” Ibarra said.

It may be smaller than normal desks, but it gets the job done.

Still, working on classes at home does have perks. No more uncomfortable chairs; pillows and fluffy accessories are now acceptable seating.

“I have my space next to my bed with my back against the wall with a stack of pillows,” Ibarra said.

Luis Ramirez, also a Media Communications and Production major, sees the change as a challenging one.

“I miss the engagement and interactions in the classroom,” he said.

Media Production is a hands-on major that benefits students if they can learn by using equipment first hand.

Ramirez’s classes have situated themselves to being online and it’s made his work area different. Going from working in a huge studio to having his workspace be his “bed or in the dining room,” makes things a little more difficult.

The additions to his new workspace are some “snacks nearby and (his) music on.”

Learning took a new direction, and it’s definitely thrown a curveball at HutchCC students. However, change is inevitable and HutchCC students are taking it in stride.

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