By: Emily Fehrman / Opinion Page Editor

With the change for the better in our weather lately, combined with the time change, all I’m thinking about is Summer and the fun activities that come with it.

I know I shouldn’t because it’s only March and we still have finals to get through, but I just can’t help it. I choose to think of it as helping get me through the last bit of the semester. I’m a fan of the time change giving us more sunlight for longer days.

However, I was a big fan of mornings being darker longer and it will be sorely missed. Still, it will be nice to feel like the day isn’t done and over around 5 p.m.

The time change always throws off my sleep schedule at first because my body isn’t aware of the time change and doesn’t feel as late as it is.

With springtime making its seasonal debut, it brings with it spring showers, seasonal allergies, flowers, the trees coming back, and the grass coming back to life! Mostly good things, definitely not a fan of allergies though. 

The things that are currently helping me keep it together until Summer rolls around are thinking of all the lake days on the boat, camping, roasting marshmallows on the campfire, having friends come over for a pool day, and grilling burgers and steak.

Also making bank, getting that bread working full time. I can’t forget floating down the river with a bunch of friends is always a blast.

But alas… we still have roughly three months until Summer. So just hold on ladies and gents and hopefully, it’ll get here before we know it.

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