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This year, Hutchinson Community College students have already had to deal with construction being on their radar because of the renovations happening for the new cafeteria.

But it seems like the city of Hutchinson wanted to throw more construction in the way for commuters, and it’s taking a toll on student’s arrival times to campus.

Main Street always is under construction for one thing to the next, but it has moved up and down Main, causing students to add extra time to their trip to class. The intersection at 11th Avenue and Main Street was closed for a short time, which really caused an inconvenience for students who use that crossing during their main path.

For those who drive a little bit further for classes, they never know what to expect. The bridge on 5th Avenue past Wilshire Road has been closed for three months. And not that far away from that, a little past 11th and Hendricks is now blocked off due to construction.

Is the city trying to make it harder for students to get to class on time? Or do they just not realize how many construction projects they have going on right now?

Either way, we are grateful for the constant improvements to Hutchinson. We just wish it wasn’t such a hassle to deal with and didn’t make it harder for us to get to our destinations. We may not love our classes, but we are paying for them. Construction is no one’s best friend, but for a college student, it’s one of our biggest enemies in being on time.

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