Courtesy Photo: Trevor Martin (right) and his brothers cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs in head-to-toe red and gold

By Caleb Spencer / Staff Writer

With three “Chiefs Kingdom” flags, a Tyrann Mathieu jersey, and a framed Patrick Mahomes’ Madden cover photo all lining the walls, Trevor Martin’s living room wears his interests on its sleeves.

A lifelong Kansas City Chiefs fan, Martin has been trying his best to mentally prepare himself for the upcoming Super Bowl LIV, the first Super Bowl appearance made by the Chiefs in 50 years.

“It’s honestly still a dream, I don’t know what to think,” said Martin about the Chiefs making it back to the Super Bowl.

Martin’s first Chiefs game was in third grade, and he explained how much that experience molded him into the superfan he is today.

“I saw the Chiefs play the Bills in third grade, and it was an entirely different experience,” Martin said. “(The atmosphere) is my favorite part about going to games. Tailgating for five hours, talking to other fans, everything about it.”

One of Martin’s favorite memories from a game at Arrowhead Stadium was tailgating for a playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts last season.

“We had finally won a playoff game, and you could feel that energy in the crowd,” said Martin about the experience.

Courtesy photo

Martin has seen a lot as a Chiefs fan. From finishing with a record of 2-14 in the 2012 season to making it to the Super Bowl, Martin’s time as a passionate fan of the Chiefs has hit deep lows and amazing highs. However, Martin doesn’t think that this is the peak of the Chiefs’ success.

“I think we’re about to be a whole new dynasty. This won’t be our only Super Bowl this decade,” said Martin with a smile.

With the Super Bowl only being days away, only time will tell whether Trevor Martin is right about his prediction.

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