Student voices campus security concerns

Dear Editor:

I have read what President Dr. Carter File said about campus security. I believe Hutchinson Community College needs campus security at all times. It would make people feel safe on campus at night. There are nights that I’ve noticed religious recruiters trying to pressure others, including me, into joining them. Levels of discomfort depend on the person. I am not scared of them, but others might be. There are incidents that have happened at the football games that have carried over to the campus. If we had better security, then some of these situations could be resolved. There are many problems that go unheard and unreported. The campus can be dangerous when HutchCC football players have altercations. The more unreported incidents, the less people are going to know about the dangers we face on campus everyday. The campus needs to upgrade security so these situations can be prevented before they are blown out of proportion.


RJ Evans 

Hanceville, Ala., freshman

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