A discussion on the best Thanksgiving foods


By Tabitha Barr / Editor in Chief

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate the relationships they have. It’s a time for family to reconnect and friends to share their stories. But it’s also about the food and the joy it brings for everyone.

It’s the first thing that people think of when they hear Thanksgiving, and it’s what many are looking forward to the most.

There is an annual debate on what Thanksgiving food the best. Twitter has people talking about it and actually throwing some shade. An account named JustF4bled said, “Pumpkin pie. Literally the best food you could have on Thanksgiving. If you think otherwise you hit your ankle with a scooter.”

It’s pretty clear people get defensive when talking about what the best Thanksgiving food is.

Chase Palacios, a Nickerson freshman, argues that the best Thanksgiving food is dinner rolls. It’s a no brainer as they can be “easily tossed to each other, and there’s no hassle to make them.”

It’s the ease of how versatile they are that makes Palacios love them so much.

Specifically, he favors his grandmother’s dinner rolls because she is the head baker for Thanksgiving Day. A close second for Palacios is ham, but his heart is usually dead set on the dinner rolls when it comes to the feast.

For Tyler Korb, Hutchinson Community College’s Content Creator, his favorite is mashed potatoes and gravy because “you can literally dip anything in it.”

This is a massive hit among people as it is a staple for most Thanksgiving dinners. You can have mashed potatoes and gravy with bread, turkey, ham, beef, green beans, and noodles It seems it’s just a natural-born food for Thanksgiving.

Korb is enthusiastic when it comes to mashed potatoes and gravy because his mom makes it for their “medium feast” they have at his mom’s. His second favorite food is turkey, and he’s happy to put the two together.

Steven Danner, a Nickerson freshman, says his favorite is the classic turkey meal. His reason for liking it so much is that his family smokes it to get the taste exactly how they want. His foster dad and foster grandpa usually prepare it while Danner watches and helps with the other food dishes. Most likely, pumpkin pie is his second favorite.

Pies are a top hit in the categories of best Thanksgiving foods because there are so many kinds and so many ways to make them that range from super easy to expert.

His family goes all out on the holiday at his foster grandparents’ house because, according to Danner, his “family is German, so it’s go big or go home,” which is common for people with families passionate about Thanksgiving. The only thing he doesn’t like about Thanksgiving is how it makes him feel terrible the day after, from all of the food he consumed. But he knows it’s worth the hurt to enjoy the delicious spread.

No matter the size of the feast or the gobbling of the favorite food, Palacios said he knew that “Thanksgiving isn’t about the food. It’s about being able to actually enjoy sitting down and just taking a break with the ones you love.”

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