By Tabitha Barr / Editor in Chief

‘Twas a month before Christmas, when all through college, not a student was sleeping, as they were overwhelmed with knowledge.

Not exactly a college student’s dream holiday wish, but sadly, for many, a reality. Students are bustling to get through what’s left of the semester while winter is kicking in. 

With the weather granting Hutchinson some sub-freezing temperatures, it feels more and more like the holiday season.

The community is already starting to join in on the joyous spirit as decorations and lights are displayed around town, even before Thanksgiving arrives.

Some might say that it’s too early, but others disagree and continue putting up their Christmas lights. There’s a debate circulating social media of when it’s too early to start celebrating and decorating, but is there a right answer?

According to Cindy Keast, Hutchinson Community College Endowment Director, “Anytime after Halloween, I think it’s a go.”

The first thing she puts up in her house is her snowman village. That is followed by not one, but two trees decorated top to bottom. Christmas lights are a must because her “neighborhood is very festive.”

Talking about Christmas seemed to make Keast’s whole demeanor light up.

Selena Oronia, a Scott City sophomore, said she enjoys watching other people get into the holiday spirit.

“It always makes me happy to see all the bright colors, and even the cute jumbo inflatable decorations they have out,” Oronia said. “I mean, have you seen how cute the penguins are?”

Even this early, people, businesses, stores, and even schools have started displaying their holiday cheer, Oronia being one of them.

“I always like putting up the little lights around my apartment,” she said.

Her cat, Maggie, seems to be an early Scrooge.

“She likes to attack the strings,” Oronia said.

But Oronia doesn’t let that stop the twinkle lights around her apartment.

The only thing Oronia is not about is the early start of Christmas music. While some people love hearing the tunes that repeat during the holidays, others think they’re overplayed. Oronia said that her dislike of early Christmas music, “came from working retail.”

No matter how a person celebrates the holidays, there’s no specific date or time to start decorating. It’s whatever brings the most happiness. 

To those that refuse and don’t like the early celebration, Keast said, “you gotta celebrate Christmas all year long.”

Whether people jump into it and decorate after Halloween, or wait until after the Thanksgiving feast, Oronia said, “put up the cute lights though please.”

By doing so, college students can study in the twinkling lights of the holiday season.

A happy early holiday to all, and to all a good night.

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