By Emily Branson / Staff writer

When it comes to Christmas shopping, many people would rather not think of the expenses that go with it. From decorations to presents, the Christmas season can become quite the expense.

For me, the most expensive aspect of Christmas is definitely the presents. I am the type of person that thoroughly enjoys getting the perfect gift for absolutely anyone. 

I have a large family, but I make sure that my parents, all of my siblings, grandparents, and closest aunts and uncles get a present from me.

On top of that, I love getting presents for my friends too. I buy at least 20 presents a year by the time I have one for everyone on my list. 

That being said, how can someone actually take the time to pick out a high-quality gift for that many people?

For me, I start Christmas shopping in early October. Some people have told me that that’s way too early. In my opinion, it is never too early to start shopping for Christmas presents. That way, you don’t have to scramble and budget like crazy the week beforehand.

Whenever I’m out and about, I’ll look for items that my siblings or friends might enjoy. I take a little money each week and purposefully go out to look for presents. 

I can take my time to look for something that they will actually enjoy, and not just a basic gift. Buying Christmas gifts over a long period of time always helps me relieve some of that holiday stress and lets me enjoy shopping for each individual person.

So, considering all the benefits of early Christmas shopping, I firmly believe that it is never “too early” to start shopping for Christmas.

Emily’s Five tips:

  1. Go to plenty of different stores
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask people what they would like
  3. Start shopping early in the year
  4. Shop with someone to help pick out gifts
  5. Don’t be scared to DIY

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