By Jared Shuff / Campus Editor

My hot take for the start of this cold season may upset a few of you, but you can’t steal my joy.

I wholeheartedly believe that Christmas songs are amazing, and it is never too early to start listening to them. In fact, I started listening to Christmas music before October even ended. I know, it’s a crime against humanity.

But who decided on the rule that Christmas music can’t play until after Thanksgiving? Why must I deprive myself of joy until the fake turkey holiday has ended? The journalism advisor will take offense to this. I’m sorry, Brad, but Thanksgiving doesn’t matter.

Think about it. You spend one day celebrating all the things you are thankful for, only to go out the next day and practically murder people over the last toaster at Walmart. 

Plus, having to deal with your family asking about the validity of your major and why you are still single is not something I would say I am “thankful” for.

Everything about the Christmas season is fantastic. All the music, movies, lights, decorations, drinks… everything is so joyful and bright. I don’t understand how anyone could be such a Scrooge over some festive music.

If you want to know how much I love Christmas music, there’s a video somewhere on YouTube of me singing an original Christmas song. 

That’s right, I went and wrote a cheesy Christmas song because apparently there weren’t enough in the world.

My point is, Christmas music is full of holiday cheer, and I think the world needs a bit of happiness. I don’t think the concept of time should limit anyone’s joy. 

If you want to listen to Christmas music in July, screw what anyone else thinks. And if you see me walking around campus any time soon, chances are I’m listening to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album.

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