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Adulting is hard, and sometimes you just have to go home to get your stuff figured out.

But the time to move back out will come before you know it. Finding roommates, a house that allows not only one dog but three dogs (?!), figuring out who takes what bills into their names, who gets which room, and what furniture you’ll have to fill up a whole house?? All of that is super stressful.

Figuring out who you could live with and not have them on your nerves or annoyed all the time, isn’t too difficult but money makes things rough between friends.

House searching might be the worst part though. You can look at hundreds of houses but somehow you can find at least one thing wrong about each house. 

Or that it just isn’t right for everyone in the house and at least one or two people are butthurt about the small room they got. Finding a house that accepts three dogs is difficult and you will for sure be paying a pet deposit out the wazoo.

Sitting down with your housemates to figure out who puts what bills in their name is more annoying than it is anything else. It’s not like they have to pay the whole bill by themselves either, everything is split. 

Rooms really are first come, first serve. Doesn’t matter where you’re at or who you’re with, could be your family, or just roommates, but either way it was first come first serve as a kid and not much changes in adulthood (in that aspect anyways). 

Furniture is a little trickier sometimes. When filling up a whole house you have to worry about having enough seating in case everyone in the household actually want to hangout together in the same room. Finding used furniture from friends, family, or coworkers that are looking to get rid of is always a good place to start. If you can get them for free then that’s amazing.

Let’s adult.

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