By Jake Brown / Staff Writer

Normally, I wouldn’t go on a full-on attack of a shake so rich in flavor, but the people at The Collegian wanted it.

For some like myself, you would look this shake dead in the eyes and say, “dear god what have I embarked on?”

This new shake from Bogey’s, the Mrs. Evans’ Shake,, from what I had seen and tasted, had some vanilla ice cream, Oreos, chocolate chips and one of the greatest things that the world has to offer, cookie dough.

This wouldn’t be the right attitude in this situation. I did it with a positive attitude, and my god it was simply amazing. When I ordered it, the cashier smiled, I knew it had to be something from the heavens.

The polite female that delivered it to my table with the same smile reaffirmed my thoughts.

When I took that first spoonful I was completely content. This shake could not have been better. 

I almost wanted to cry. The combo of all of the flavors together with all of the textures was pure bliss. This might have been the first time in my life that I have completely downed an entire shake, simply because I get so disgusted with how sweet they can be, but this one was so worth it.

The Mrs. Evans’ Shake was something beyond my wildest dreams. Bogey’s, who is already a legend in the shake business, along with the help of Mrs. Evans, engineered one of the best flavor combinations to ever hit this world and I couldn’t be more thankful.

If you are having a bad day and have four extra dollars in your pocket, make your way down to Bogey’s and let it put a smile on your face, it did for me.

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