By Tabitha Barr
Editor In Chief

A standoff between Hutchinson Police and an armed subject led to area schools to lockdown Wednesday. 

Police were called to the 700 block of East 10th for a domestic disturbance call Wednesday morning. The situation escalated into a standoff with police surrounding the area, while the armed subject and another was inside.

During the standoff, Hutchinson High School, Faris Elementary and McCandless Elementary were put on a soft lockdown, where classes continued, but all doors entering or exiting the building were locked. The schools alerted parents by sending out alerts and posting to social media pages.

Hutchinson Community College continued classes and was not on lockdown, but sent out an alert to all students, “Hutchinson police are in an apparent standoff in the 700 block of East 10th Avenue. Please be aware and stay clear of the area.”

After more than two hours, police broke down the door to the property and found one dead due to a gunshot wound to the chest. Another person inside the home was not injured.

All lockdowns were lifted from schools and students were allowed to leave and walk freely.

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