The United States has been in conflict with a lot of current issues for quite some time now. Being a nation that is based on “freedom”, we don’t really know where that line stands anymore.

Half of the country has been fighting for gun control, especially after the 283 mass shootings in the U.S., reported by the Gun Violence Archive. That number equals more days than we’ve had total this year. After heavy death tolls and everyone scared about mass shootings, nothing has been done or determined. The fight continues to be, “You can’t take away our guns,” while the other side is screaming, “We don’t want to ban guns, we just need gun control.” No side is giving and we continue to circle around this solvable issue.

But when it comes to other health risks, it seems like controlling it is easy. On the week of Sept. 4,, Michigan was the first state to ban the sale of all flavored e-cigarettes. New York followed two weeks later.

So let’s get this straight. The U.S. will ban flavored e-cigarettes after it kills seven people, but won’t even talk about gun control after hundreds of children and adults are dead?

Everyone agrees that we want our nation to be a healthy and safe one, but how can we bypass gun reform like it’s not affecting more than e-cigarette deaths?

Students are afraid to attend school because of mass shootings. People are scared to go to movie theaters, churches, stores, parking lots and highways because of mass shootings.

But what we’re not fearing, is the sight of e-cigarettes. Tobacco has been killing people for ages and what has been done to ban that? But when the leaders of this country want to ignore the big problem because it’s “too hard,” they seek the tiny issues they can get their hands on.

So when are we, as a country, going to come together and do something about the gun problem that’s killing people? Hopefully sooner than we fear.

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