Growing out of the toxicity

By Tabitha Barr / Editor in Chief

Hey, looky here …

She’s back, and she’s a stronger feminist than EVER. It’s good to be back, (even if it is just for this edition.)

I thought for this week I would get back to my old roots and take it back to last year’s opinion pieces. But I want this to be more of a reminiscent column and how I have grown by sharing my thoughts with you all as my audience. Some of you may be new, so I’ll explain.

Last year, I was the Opinion Page Editor and had a weekly column that focused on all things female. I wrote about social issues, feminism and so much more. In writing those pieces, I found myself and what I truly believe and value. I know more about myself and the person I want to be.

So I’d like to use this week as a remembrance and thanks to “The Women’s Corner” because it let me speak my mind without feeling pushed away. In an area where sexism is still subtly present, I was able to say what I needed to say and be heard, rather than shushed and scolded for my beliefs. 

Now, I still got flack from those who thought I was “too much of a feminist,” but in truth, it just means that they heard my opinion. Whether they agreed or not, they still paid attention to what I was trying to inform everyone about.

I was heard.

And through being heard, researching topics, learning more and more about the world of women, I found the feminist inside of me. I am passionate about women and their place in society. I want us to have our rightful place in this world, not just on the sidelines like it used to be, (and kind of still is.)

Equality for women is needed and deserved. We are all humans and should all have the same opportunities and responsibilities in this life. Certain jobs are not for one sex only, but all sexes. Women and men are equal and should be treated and seen as such.

Last year, I faced someone who thought my feminism was a joke. I let them into my life thinking they would benefit me, but they really just made see why this world isn’t making any changes for the good. 

This unnamed misogynistic person thought that my passion for feminism was a joke and argued with me whenever they could. But because I was forgiving, I saw it as just a “loving” gesture that was showing me a different point of view. But in harsh reality, that person was just an arrogant, misogynist jerk.

The only reason I am grateful that person passed through my life is because it made me realize where I stand and who I will let in my life. If you’re not a feminist, which means you don’t want women to be treated equally with me, then I don’t need or want you by my side. I’m not going to keep someone close to me that thinks I’m less important just because of my biology. It’s ridiculous and childish that people still think like that and I feel sorry for them. 

I hope one day the no-name and others like them can learn and grow from their shaded point of view. Because it’s amazing being a feminist. I get to see people standing up for our rights and showing the world what we can really do. 

We are not just housemaids, cooks or baby-makers. We are just as powerful and successful as any man out there.

I am grateful to be with those who understand the role feminism plays in my life and everyone else’s. Thank you for letting me be me, and writing to you all about it.

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