By Rachel Lyons / Staff Writer

Rachel is a small Nevada town that bears a striking resemblance to some towns in Kansas.

The only difference is that around Saturday, Rachel, Nevada could see a temporary population boom as a group of people were suggesting storming the nearby United States Government Facility Area 51. Rachel may also have a lesson in Anime, specifically Naruto, during this time.

What do Naruto and Area 51 have in common? Nothing, except the common belief of those who are who are planning to Storm Area 51 on Saturday, is that this type of running, characterized by arms outstretched behind the runner, and a slightly bent posture, will prevent bullets shot by snipers from hitting a person.

Guthrie Turner, Hutchinson Community College student from Arlington, and Hunter Roberts, HutchCC student from Hutchinson, however, said they believe that by the laws of physics this is highly impossible, or improbable at best. 

Turner said the inefficiency of the Naruto run during the Area 51 raid is best described by the Ether phenomena, which was the original belief that ether was the material that light travels through in a black hole. The Michelson-Morley experiment would later prove this wrong, and state that Ether isn’t real.

A generalized rational is that the Michelson-Morley experiment proved that Ether isn’t real in black holes, and we treat Area 51 as though it is a black hole, therefore we can easily prove that the Naruto Run would possibly have the same effect.

While this conversation went on, Roberts offered a more profound thought.

“Why do people think that if we raid Area 51 and happen to get through, that the government has not moved the aliens to a different location just in case?” Roberts said.

That offered a valid point that Roberts countered with the conclusion that the Area 51 raid would end in more casualties than it would be worth.

While Turner and Roberts had strong opinions based in physics, Andrew Tash had a more laid-back view on the whole raid. Tash stated that he found the raid, and the press around it, to be amusing but that he personally didn’t think that he would want involved in the raid.

Overall, this reflects two of three generalized opinions of non-Hutchinson Community College students. The only general opinion not reflected by Turner, Roberts, and Tash Is a dislike of the raid overall.

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