By Sam Bailey / Staff Writer

Storming a federally-owned Air Force base isn’t an idea that crosses many people’s minds, that is until the Facebook post “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” went viral this past June. 

Ever since the original post came out, people all around the world have been talking about whether or not it is worth storming the base to settle once and for all what is hidden there. 

Even students at Hutchinson Community College are talking about this trend since the scheduled date for the storming of the base is Friday.

As far as plans for actually participating in the event, students seem wary. 

“I think invading a government institution is just an overall bad idea,” HutchCC freshman Zachary Shanline said.

Another HutchCC student, Guthrie Turner, said, “I think that it is a terrible idea… however, I am one for underdogs. So [for] the ones that do go, I would just like to say ‘Good luck.’ If they come out on top, great for them; however, I will probably not be participating for the sole reason that I would probably die.” 

Like Turner, many other students seem to like the idea of people storming Area 51, even if they stress that it is not a good idea.

When asked about what she would do if someone she knew wanted to storm Area 51, HutchCC student Amari Lowe said, “I’d probably tell them to think about it, and if they really want it, they really want it.”

But the real question everyone wants the answer to is this: Is the government hiding secrets at Area 51?”

“Absolutely, yes,” Turner said when asked if he believed aliens were hidden at Area 51.

“In [the Cosmosphere] there’s a big SR-71 stealth jet. [It’s the] fastest plane in the world. For the longest time, lots of people didn’t even know it existed. That’s because it was developed in Area 51. So, if they are able to hide something of that magnitude, I really do believe that they have the potential to hide alien life.”

Freshman Aspyn Conner summed up what many people seem to be thinking about the light-hearted yet incredibly dangerous “Storm Area 51” movement.

“Storming the restricted area with thousands of people would be an interesting movement to be apart of, and a great story to tell the grandkids one day,” Conner said.

Of course, that’s if you make it out alive.

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