Emily Fehrman

By: Emily Ferhman/Opinion Page Editor

Welcome back to campus! I’m actually glad to be back. It just means I get to see friends on and off our staff and establish a good routine again.

What I wasn’t ecstatic over was trying to find parking at the Parker Student Union/Lockman hall lot. Those first couple of weeks are rough. And don’t even think about it if you’re running late … the lot’s probably already full.

This might sound harsh, but I’m just ready for people to start skipping or dropping classes so I don’t have to be 25 minutes early to scour all the lots for ONE spot that MAYBE opens up?! Sorry, but no thank you.

My half-hour commute doesn’t bode well for my road rage either. I swear, no one knows how to drive without cutting me off or driving 5-10 mph under the speed limit. I’m so close to printing off my own speed limit signs so I can hold them up as I pass people.

If I pass one more person at 7:30 am going under the speed limit, I swear I’ll do it for real. I usually say that just to make a dumb joke (as I do too often), but at this point, it’s not even about being funny anymore. It just grinds my gears. Hopefully, everyone’s semester is off to a good start. Unless you’re a student who is already skipping or dropping classes … but thanks for the parking spot

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