Every school year we have high expectations for ourselves, in classes, relationships, and our health.

We always say that with the new school year we’re going to really focus on ourselves; mentally and physically. But somehow all of the things we wanted to change or improve are put on the back burner for school.

For some of you starting back up with going to the gym and eating healthy is super easy to jump back into. For others, not so much! It can be really hard to break those negative patterns you see yourself having.

Finding the time to go to the gym is hard. Between classes, work, and homework, it can lead to an exhausting day. After classes students usually have a part time job that they head to. Or maybe they’ll do homework until work.

Either way you’re busy spending hours using your brain. Once you’re done with all of that do you really have the energy to go to the gym?

Or spend 25 minutes of preparation, then another 30 minutes to an hour cooking your healthy meal? We know must of us wouldn’t!

There’s been a study that’s shown the intake of nicotine increases exponentially once the new fall semesters start back up.

We know that us urging you to stop juuling won’t work, but it’s worth a shot. The deaths e-cigarettes have caused is up to six.  Of course that doesn’t excuse actual cigarettes, those are also horrible.

They kill far more people every year than e-cigarettes. But those aren’t what the FDA and our President wants to ban, now is it?

There’s this rumor/(joke?) that Barron Trump got caught with a Juul and that he’s just ruined it for the rest of you.

Not quite getting the point of developing a nicotine addiction over a mango flavored USB stick, but to each their own I suppose.

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