Rachel Lyons, Collegian columnist

By this point in 2019, I’m sure I’m in the majority of those who are tired of winter weather.

Not only am I tired of winter weather but I’m tired of being cooped up inside all day. I’m ready for warm days that mean spending plenty of time outside, enjoyable walks to and around campus, and not layering clothing just to survive a walk to campus from the dorms.

I’m also ready for outside activities to provide topics for columns because – I’m out of them at this point. Combine writer’s block with cabin fever, and pressure to do better in English and math, and you’ve officially sucked the life out of a student.

Yes, snow is pretty but nearly everyone is counting down the days to Spring Break. Although it may not be a ‘vacation’ for all of us, a few days away from the constant cycle of doing homework, attending classes and finding time to work around our crazy schedules is enough of a break to recharge dead batteries and renew the desire to do well.

At this point, we are not only doing homework to get ready for our current classes, but also preparing for upcoming tests that have taken on more weight in the gradebook.

We also start preparing for our finals. Sometime among doing all of this, we must start enrolling for summer and fall classes or filling out graduation paperwork.

We’ve hit a wall that can only be remedied with time and getting away from our daily routines.

Here’s to hoping for warm weather, sunny days and a painless 12 days until spring break, because we all know that after spring break time will fly by and we will suddenly find ourselves in the midst of finals week.

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