Everyone has an opinion that may differ from someone close to them. The world has been this way since day one. Sometimes we need to look past our differences and just see people as people, not their political affiliation.

Yes, you can discuss politics and share your views on several subject matters, but there is a point where agreeing to disagree becomes pointing of fingers and shooting judgmental comments at each other. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Conservative, or Liberal, you still probably want others to respect your views as your opinion and to not judge a friendship based on that.

Of course there are those in both parties who overdo it and have to make their opinion seem mightier. We shouldn’t be judging people based on their political statuses and opinions, but as we have since the beginning of time, we still end up judging and putting others down to justify our beliefs being “right”.

We aren’t saying we are only one party, we are just saying that you may not agree with what someone says, but that doesn’t mean you should be hurtful to them.

Judging people solely on their beliefs is wrong and shouldn’t happen. If you don’t agree with them, don’t talk about politics. It’s that simple. Today, the divide in our country is massive and we are becoming the un-United States of America because of it. It’s sad to think that people can’t just talk to each other and respect one another. This whole “rebellion” thing of not talking to anyone of one particular party is just stubborn and ignorant. Making new friends is hard enough, not to mention when there are people out there that will only be friends with those they agree with. It limits opportunities to find true friends and people we could really get along with despite certain beliefs.

Not that you should necessarily be in a relationship with someone you totally disagree with because that might not be very healthy, but what harm is there in being friends with someone who has different beliefs than you. How is that hurting anyone?

This constant anger towards one another is tearing the world apart and it needs to stop or the future of our children will be a scary one where kids will start talking about politics rather than their favorite band or show.

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