With the recent resignation of Independence Community College head football coach, Jason Brown, it seems like a prime time to talk about his recent controversies.

Brown was a polarizing figure from the Netflix original series, “Last Chance U”. Brown – who is straight outta Compton (literally) – was a brash and straight-to-the-point character, and even at times coming off as harsh and demeaning to others around him.

Last week, the Montgomery County Chronicle reported that Brown sent a text message to a German player in which he stated that, “I’m your new Hitler.”

That seems pretty bad right?

Well, it was later found out that he also would refer to the German student as “u German f—.”

That is a disgusting use of language and pathetic for a head football coach to address a player in that manner. To make matters even worse, the young German player was actually informed that he was cut from the football team because his scholarship had gotten revoked.

In an interview done with the student, Alexandros Alexiou, by the Montgomery County Chronicle, he said he felt as if nobody was there to stand up for him. Alexiou even stated that, “…there are a lot of other incidents on the team that do not get reported.”

Now, there is a fine line for ways a coach can speak to his or her athletes. This wasn’t just some normal situation in which Brown defenders can say the student was just being weak and should toughen up. Alexiou was being treated poorly and discriminated against due to his nationality.

This whole situation also makes us wonder if there are other examples of this happening at ICC, and if any more people will come out and speak about how they were treated so poorly. Truly as well, it wouldn’t really be all too surprising either.

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