By Jared Shuff
Staff writer

After the dramas of high school, most people hope to avoid it once they get to college.

Others plan to make a career out of drama. Jack Greenwood, a 2018 Hutchinson Community College graduate, has a passion for theatre, and plans to make a living from it.

Greenwood went to Valley Center High School before attending HutchCC. While he originally only intended to stay for two years, a shift in his major added another year to his college experience in Hutchinson.

“I originally started out as a secondary education major with emphasis in theatre, and then I changed to just straight theatre,” Greenwood said. “I didn’t want to teach high school anymore.”

HutchCC was Greenwood’s first college choice for many reasons. Not only had his father attended the college, but he had also taught at the Newton location for some time. Greenwood received reduced tuition because of this.

When it came to his experience at HutchCC, Greenwood had nothing but positive things to say.

“I spent most of my time with the fine arts and theatre faculty and I loved that. It really prepared me for a four-year university,” Greenwood said.

Besides being involved in theatre, Greenwood also wrote for The Hutchinson Collegiann. He was also involved with the Dragon’s Tale Magazine, as well as the Gay/Straight Alliance, otherwise known as the GSA.

A few of his writings were also published in “The Tulgey Wood”, a literary magazine that showcases student publications on campus.

Greenwood was asked by Deidre Mattox, a theater instructor and Director of Theatre at HutchCC, to help direct one of the shows for the 24-Hour Plays, a collection of shows all written and rehearsed in a period of 24 hours.

“This was my fourth 24-Hour production,” Greenwood said. “I had acted twice, written once, and then I directed this year.”

Greenwood said the shows were a success. There are a total of six small shows that take place. Greenwood was confident with how smoothly his show ran. He was excited for the opportunity in the first place, since he hopes to direct theatre at a college level in the future.

The 24-Hour Plays give everyone a chance to explore other aspects of theatre. People that normally ran tech could act, while some actors took the chance to write or direct the shows.

“It’s an opportunity to do something other than what they are used to,” Greenwood said.

Greenwood directed “Seven Questions for Wilma Jean,” a play written by Robert Yates, another HutchCC graduate.

Now at Emporia State University, Greenwood is still avidly working towards a career in theatre. He makes it clear that the theatre program at HutchCC is to thank for his passion and success.

“There’s a lot of pressure sometimes to go directly to a four-year [university] after high school, especially for theatre students, but I think that my time at HutchCC was better than what I would have gotten had I gone to a four year for my entire degree,” Greenwood said.

Maybe avoiding drama in college isn’t the best thing after all.

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