By Kat Collins
Staff writer

It’s that time of year for the elections, and this year, it’s the midterms.

The Kansas governor race is expected to be close between Republican Kris Kobach and Democrat Laura Kelly. Independent Greg Orman is running as a third candidate.

In the “KLC Journal” it was said “That the number of Kansans not voting could fill Kaufman Stadium 18 times.”

Midterms are generally not a popular time to vote. The amount of people not voting would be about Seven-Thousand  people if it was to fit the Stadium 18 times.  It was also said in the KLC Journal, “That about 45 percent of voters fail to show polls for general elections in Kansas.

Denny Stoecklein, director of marketing for Hutchinson Community College, was asked if the college was doing something to help students get registered, and he said, “This is something that has happened in the past and were checking with folks who were involved then to see what the process was. The opportunity to educate students on voter registration and providing the opportunity for them to do so is something the College would welcome and support.”

The college is willing to help students get what they need to know about the elections coming up in the future, and ot’s pretty much better to vote instead of not. So, if you want to vote go to the courthouse and get registered by Oct. 16, and then vote on Nov. 6.

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