Editorial: What does it mean to be an adult?

Whether college students or high school students are living with their parents still, the parent or parents will often make the son or daughter pay rent and help them get ready for the real world.

This is a great thing to do and will help them know how to handle money, and what to spend on their need and wants.

If the parent knows that, say their son, is in college, they will often make him not pay rent.

There are, however, students that pay for their car, phone, other utilities, and also help out with groceries at home.

Just like how a regular adult would pay for all the things that they own, so the student should be able to the same right?

Yes, if a college student is unaware on how to spend money, they should either teach themselves, have a family member teach them, or read Pablo Sanchez’s regular money-saving-app stories in this newspaper.

Or just go on YouTube and watch tutorial videos on how to do these things, and who doesn’t like watching YouTube?

Stop blaming the schools for not teaching how to do all the things adults do.

Seriously, grow up and stop blaming the education system and take the time to learn how to write out a check, or set up a bank account, without the need of the parent doing it for you.

Our parents didn’t have classes to show them how to do everything. They learned a lot of this on their own

They won’t always be there to help out. It’s better to figure this stuff out now than in your late 40s.

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