By Amaelle Caron

In the past few days, when you turn on the news you see what people can do to others or for others.

There is Brussels and the terrorist attacks on March 22. Suicide bombings, nails bombing, and mass murder was the plan of the terrorists, and they succeeded.

Thirty-two people were killed and 316 injured, in which 62 were critical.

This is a reality. People hurt other people for reasons that go beyond common sense.

We’ve been told since childhood that hurting other people is a terrible crime. Some people think it’s okay and that fact is heartbreaking. The news we hear can cause us to lose faith in humanity.

Recently Kansas experienced its biggest fire that burned over 400,000 acres of prairie and ranch land. The fire started in Oklahoma and moved past the border into Kansas.

Farms, ranches, machinery and land have been burned to the ground.

We saw in the news a bond between people in danger and in need of assistance.

Firemen from across the state came and helped control the fire. People helped their neighbors; social media and the TV News kept the whole state updated on the fire.

Beside the terrible event, we witnessed a moment of solidarity among the people touched by the fire and the people helping through the process.

What people can do to each other is terrible, but we need to remind ourselves that we are not like them. We should take care of each other and have a lasting solidarity, like during the fire.

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