Just Ask Hannah

By Hannah Wallace

Dear Hannah, What are your thoughts on people being allowed to carry guns on campus?
Dear concerned, I know that the right to bear arms is a Constitutional right, but that does not mean I have to trust all people with that particular right.
There are some people on this campus that I wouldn’t even trust with a peashooter, let alone an actual gun.

People have said there has been a lot of trouble with gun violence lately but I think that they are wrong. Guns aren’t the issue. It’s the people who have the guns that are the problem.
I don’t think that guns are needed on campus; there are plenty of other means for self-defense that can be used aside from pulling a trigger.
A campus such as HCC is a place for education and growth, not guns and ammo.

Dear Hannah, How do I tell my parents that I don’t want to be in college anymore?
Dear unhappy student, School is not for everyone.  Some people thrive in the work force while others thrive in the realm of education.
If I were you I would be straight up, no beating around the bush.  If your parents truly care they will understand and love you just the same.
Now if you dropped out of school with no intentions of working, then your parents do have a right to be upset and disappointed.
Do what makes you happy.
If school isn’t the place for you, then there is no need to spend tons of money on something that makes you unhappy.

Dear Hannah, What are your plans for summer?

Dear curious, I plan of working for most of the summer along with preparing for my move to Hilo.  Summers just mean more days of work and more money in my pocket.  Unlike some students, my mommy and daddy don’t pay for anything; I do this cool, fun thing called “being an adult.” I pay my bills, I pay for the food I eat and I pay for the fun I have.  My parents taught me the true value of a dollar and for that I will be forever grateful.
Dear Hannah, What do you think about the first plus-sized model being on the cover of Sports Illustrated?
Dear fan, I think that that is amazing.Looking at all these really skinny models on TV and in magazines makes me sick.
Most models today look like they came out of a concentration camp, so seeing a plus-sized model was a very nice change up.

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