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Grease Live! takes an old classic and transforms it into a high-intensity live show.
Grease Live! takes an old classic and transforms it into a high-intensity live show.

Greasers were reborn for a live performance of “Grease: The Musical” on FOX TV on Jan 31.

The show was live on national TV and watched by more than 12 million people.

The famous couple Danny Zuko and Sandy were portrayed by Aaron Tveit and Julianne Hough.

The dramatic Rizzo was played by Vanessa Hudgens, who gave an amazing performance for the song “There are Worse Things I Could Do.”

Also famous for the single “Call me Maybe,” Carly Rae Jepsen starred as Frenchy in the production, as well as Keke Palmer, recently seen in the TV Show “Scream Queens,” starring as Marty. Kether Donohue also starred as Jan, who formed the Pink Ladies.

For the T-Bird gang, we can find Carlos PenaVega, David Del Rio and Jordan Fisher.

The show also starred Jessie J, a British singer and songwriter, who interpreted the famous “Grease is the Word,” as the first song aired.

We can notice the presence of Boys II Men as the teen angels and DNCE performing as Johnny Casino and the Gamblers during the dance contest at Rydell.

The cast had been picked last summer and the rehearsals started right after the cast was announced.

A journalist from the Daily News in New York said about the cost of the production, “The ambitious $16 million production of the Rydell High School musical was as impressive as it was fun.”

It took six months for the producers to finalize the project and more than 300 people.

Zach Woodlee, the choreographer, spoke in YouTube videos about his work on the show and said it was incredible to work with such a diverse cast.

The show had indoor and outdoor sets and it was raining in LA the day of the performance, but the cast and crew handled it just fine.

The production also offered some original songs like “Freddy My Love” sang by Palmer, as Marty, when she talks about all of her lovers.

Another original song was “All I Need is an Angel” performed by Jepsen, as Frenchy.

Now, was it as good as the movie or Broadway musical?

Everybody has different opinions. The press reacted very positively to the live performance. The set and organization was mind-blowing.

Altogether, the show was impressive and received good press.

The director decided to dedicate the show to Hudgens’ father, who passed away the day before the show.

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