By Shelby Horton

The Tulgey Wood, Hutchinson Community College’s literary publi-cation, is looking for submissions to add into this year’s issue.

Creative works that can be submitted may include poetry, fiction and nonfiction stories, photography, drawings and originally composed music.

All creative work should be submitted to Melinda Dome, editor, by March 15. Submissions for cover art must be submitted by March 10.

Students from all HCC campuses and programs are encouraged to enter their work, so it can be published. The Tulgey Wood is published in black and white; 500 copies are made, to be given out at the different HCC campuses.

It is recommended that if an HCC student is planning on writing a nonfiction piece, to ask permission to use any real names of people they’re writing about.

Also, if you are planning on submitting photographs or art, make sure it is bright and high contrast.

If not, it may darken and it won’t show up very well in the booklets.

The Tulgey Wood has had many interesting works submitted over the years; many contained an “Alice in Wonderland” theme.

However, the Tugley wood prefers not to have an overall theme, so they asked this year for a more diverse set of creative works, Dome said.

“When we think of art, we think of painting and drawings, but writing is an art within itself,” Dome said.

“It’s sometimes hard to find a place to put that art; we provide a place to put it.”

The Tulgey Wood is a place for creativity.

Contributers are reminded to do their own work. Any plagiarism found in the entries will be reported, Dome said.

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