By Amaelle Caron

A massively talented singer and songwriter, Adele.
A massively talented singer and songwriter, Adele.

After a three-year break, Adele made a huge comeback in the music world on Oct. 23 with her new single “Hello,” from her new album, “25.”

Adele is a British singer and songwriter who became famous in 2008 with her album “19.”

Her inspirations are Ella Fitzgerald and Amy Winehouse. However, it was early in the year 2011 that Adele really took over the music world with her album “21.”

In 2012, Adele wrote and performed the song “Skyfall” for the James Bond movie with the same name.

She has won many awards for her songs.

She took a break from music after the success of Skyfall. She had to have surgery on her throat, but she came back as amazing and outstanding as she was before.

The main subjects in her songs are heartbreak and love stories. Her music is the kind that everybody can recognize a part of their life in.

She probably made a lot of freshly single ladies cry and eat lots of ice cream.

Her brand new song “Hello” ignited a huge buzz on the Internet.

The song got 27 million views on YouTube in less than 24 hours and broke the Vevo record held previously by the song “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift.

“Hello” also broke the record for shortest time to have 100 million views on Vevo.

The song is about how after a breakup you need to find yourself again and how it is important to be someone without that special someone in your life.

Adele sings about a time in her life when she had to figure out things on her own and she gives us an exploration of what it is like to come together with yourself after such growth.

On Oct. 21, she tweeted a picture with her words talking about her new album and identifies it as a “make up” album.

Her previous product was a break up album. The last line of her picture said, “25 is about getting to know who I’ve become without realizing. And I’m sorry it took so long, but you know, life happened.”

Well said. Life happened and we are sure glad she is back in the music game to make us cry and miss people we haven’t even met yet.

Adele is surely one of the greatest artists of our time, in my opinion.

She moved many hearts around the world and stayed true to her music through her whole carrier. I love her music and I saw people changing their minds about Adele because of this song. She knows how to make us happy.

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