By Lauren Rust

In a wildly colorful procession, the kids who attend Hutchinson Community College Child Care Center marched through the HCC grounds on Oct. 29 in their Halloween costumes.

They donned their outfits a couple days before Halloween to receive candy from faculty and staff.

Accompanied by employees of the child care center and parents, they paraded through offices in the Student Union, Lockman Hall, Shears Technology Center and the Residence Life office.

The 14 children sported costumes ranging from Spiderman and Ironman to two Olafs.

There also were homemade costumes: a tractor and a bubblegum machine.

Between buildings, they talked about their favorite Halloween activities.

“We tell scary stories and trick or treat,” said Kallon Whipp, dressed as a unicorn.

Prudence Long, dressed as Anna from “Frozen,” likes to carve funny faces in a pumpkin.

These kids had a blast and got an early start on their Halloween fun.

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