By Casey Jones

In the world of online gaming, the MMORPG (massive multiplayer online roleplaying game) reigns supreme in most instances.

However, in the past several years the MOBA (massive online battle arena) has become very popular with live streamers, professional gamers, and casual gamers alike.

Amongst these are many variations that have all been for PC gaming.

That was the case, until August 19, 2015 when Smite made its console debut for Xbox One (with no scheduled release for Playstation 4 at this time).

Smite, unlike other MOBAs, has abandoned the normal top-down look for the genre, and instead adopted a third-person view for the feel of a faster paced game and the feeling of direct control, rather than click to move.

The transition from PC to console was easy— simply switching the camera controls from mouse to joystick, and then ability activation from keystrokes to corresponding buttons on the controller.

In the game, you play as a god that is pulled from the pantheons of many different ancient religions.

Many of the abilities are skillshots, as in they must be aimed rather than seeking the enemy, giving the game the feeling of a shooter as well, making it more inclusive to gamers not used to the MOBA genre.

As you play, you gain a currency that allows you to purchase new playable gods and levels in the gods you play and do well with.

The huge variety of gods, ranging from better-known deities like Zeus to the lesser-known deities of ancient Egypt, provides a new game experience every time you enter matchmaking.

The gameplay consists of the classic MOBA map, consisting of three lanes and neutral monster camps between those lanes that give extra gold and boosts, a single-lane map, and an arena styled map.

Smite has made a huge leap for the MOBA genre by making this transition to console, allowing people without the money for high-end PCs to join in on the fun.

Try it. The intense action and irreverent mythology of SMITE will make you a believer.

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