By Hannah Wallace

Hannah Wallace
Hannah Wallace

Dear Hannah, How do I make the first move in a relationship?

Dear lovestruck,

Making the first move in a relationship, especially a first kiss is always an exciting moment. Here are some tips to make the moment extra memorable. You can start by taking your significant other out to dinner, then a movie, and lastly for a walk.

Before going in for the kiss make sure you make eye contact so as not to miss the target. Tilt you head to the right, make sure they are going to your left, so as not to head-butt each other. Be like Nike — “Just do it.”

Dear Hannah, Why do the HCC dorms suck?

Dear scammed,

There are many reasons why the dorms suck, but let’s just start with a few of the reasons.

Maybe it’s because the Wi-Fi sucks all the time, or maybe it is because there is sometimes no hot water, let alone working water.

If I had to give advice to any upcoming freshmen it would be: Try for Dragons Landing or look for a place off campus, if possible.

If you do have a problem with the dorms I suggest you go to Mrs. Kathy, Anne Marie or Dana in the Residence Life office. They usually are the people who are on top of their game and good at getting things taken care of right away.

Dear Hannah, How do I get guys to stop cat-calling me?

Dear about-to-barf,

A good way to stop guys from cat-calling you is to make one of your guy friends pretend to be your very angry boyfriend. Walk with the friend and when the other guys start cat-calling you, have your friend go off on them. Or if all else fails just scream, “I’m gay!” and keep walking.

Dear Hannah, Why are other students so rude?

Dear miffed,

Some students are so rude because they no longer live at home.

They think it is socially fine to be crude, self-centered, inconsiderate and ignorant. They think the world revolves around them.

The saying, “We aren’t in high school anymore” seems misleading. But some people might just be having a bad day. I mean, this is HCC, home of the worst Wi-Fi in Kansas.

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