By Paige Brier

Losing a parent is an event in many people’s lives. But knowing that couldn’t prepare me for the hardest struggle I have ever gone through.

My dad, Peter Brier, was the best man I have ever known. He was my biggest fan and I his. He was my strong and guiding hand through life. On Feb. 28th, my father passed away, leaving a gaping hole where his presence used to be.

Throughout life, you hear people say don’t take life for granted or the people in it, because you never know when they will be gone.

I wish I had listened. My dad and I had a strange relationship. He wasn’t just my dad, he was my best friend. We were extremely close.

I talked to him for over three hours a day and he always made time for me. He never disappointed me and he always knew exactly what to say.

My father grew up in Topeka. He was a courageous and kind man. He would tell me stories about how he would stand up for the underdog. Since he wasn’t a small kid, his size made intimidation a breeze.

Throughout his life, he always remembered to thank God for the little things in life. He cherished every situation with a smile, even when life dealt hardships. When he met my mom, he instantly fell in love with her. She was his, and he was hers.

My dad always said that besides marrying my mom, my birth was the happiest day of his life. I remember riding on his leg as a toddler or dancing with him as a preteen. He never thought of himself. Throughout my grade school days, I had a hard time making friends. I was bullied severly throughout my school years.

I remember when I was stood up for a movie night with a group of “friends”, I decided to go to the movie anyways. My dad was the owner of Jewelry Savers in Wichita. After working a 9-hour day, he surprised me at the movie theater so I wouldn’t see the movie alone.

It was small gestures like that, that made him so lovable.

It hasn’t been long since he passed away, but every day there is something I wish I could call and tell him. My last moments with him will never seem good enough.

Losing my father has changed me. I do my best to cherish the people in my life, because in one second they could be gone.

My dad was my biggest supporter. Getting the Hutchinson Collegian delivered to our family store was one of the happiest days of the week.

He always made sure to post the paper up so all the customers could enjoy then as much as he did.

There isn’t a manual that tells you how to grieve a tremendous loss. I think about my dad every second of every day. His memory is what inspires me to continue on with my life.

My dad always said “My job as your father is to teach you how to walk this earth without me.” Well I wasn’t ready, but I have his voice to guide me through this life.

Peter Brier was blessing to the people he touched. He was the example of a strong man. He passed his values and morals on to his children. He was a devoted father, husband, brother and friend.

I love you daddy. You will forever be my guardian angel.

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