By Lariena Nokes

Gun ownership is a serious issue. Gun owners and defenders of the Second Amendment have always been dedicated to protecting their right to keep and bare arms.

We should proudly side with the effort to strengthen Kansas gun laws and further protect the rights of those who lawfully exercise the option to conceal-and carry or open carry.

Senate Bill 45 has passed in the Kansas Senate by a 31-7 vote. Now it moves on to be assigned to committee in the Kansas House of Representatives. In Kansas, law-abiding gun owners are waiting to hear if their gun rights and Constitutional carry privileges will stand.

The Personal and Family Protection Act of 2006 states that open carry of a gun is legal without a permit as it stands today. That law extended conceal-and-carry privileges to citizens of Kansas 21 or older who successfully complete the eight-hour firearm instructional course and pay the permitting cost of $132.50.

So let’s be clear, it is currently legal to open carry in Kansas today, as provided by this law. Kansas has a long-standing acceptance of legal gun ownership and use.

In America, 39 states currently honor the official Kansas Concealed Carry Handgun License as issued by the state.

Senate Bill 45 further supports law-abiding gun owners who practice safe-licensed open carry by removing the implied criminal offense, if that open-carry sidearm is temporarily covered by an article of clothing.

This update to the standing law states clearly that this law is a necessary update that will better allow for the protection of the person carrying the gun and their loved ones.

The law applies strictly to only those citizens of Kansas over 21 years of age who legally carry a gun so long as that person is not prohibited by law from possessing a firearm.

The current permitting system and national standards will still be observed for citizens purchasing firearms.

By granting Kansas gun owners the freedom to choose the method they use to carry their firearms (open or concealed), this law would make our beautiful state safer for everyone.

When seconds count and your life or the lives of your loved ones are on the line, the police may be too many minutes away.

You and your gun may be the difference between tragedy and escape.

With the removal of the mandate for state provided training (if that occurs), gun owners would have the option to seek more in-depth training that includes clear understanding of Kansas laws and more appropriate range training.

Just owning a gun is not enough. You have to seek out proper training.

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