By Mitchell Garrett

Apple is the company that always tries to find the next gadget craze. Recently, the trend has been using the phrase, “make it wearable,” where gadgets become hands-free parts of our daily lives.

Google’s growing popularity with “Google Glass,” an augmented reality headwear, shows this trend in action. Several other companies are also working on “smart bands” which are bracelets that have various functions.. Some of them store data like flash drives, monitor your health in various ways, or can even work as a credit card, wirelessly using RFID to connect to things like Google Wallet.

All of the wearable technology that is coming out has the downside of being rather bulky, unwieldy, or inelegant.

Apple loves taking an idea, polishing it, and wrapping it in a beautiful chrome case.

That is why they are coming out with the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is not made to serve a specific purpose, but to fill a hole in people’s lives. It has many of the features that other similar devices have, like monitoring heart rate, keeping track of your daily activity, and as any watch should, telling time.

Of course, it keeps time extremely accurately. It uses the Internet to stay synchronized to the global time standard. With extremely precise hardware, it stays accurate to that time within 50 milliseconds.

It does other things that any phone can do, like keeping track of the weather, date and time, stock market prices, and even moon phases. Based on your location data and time of year, it can even tell you exactly when sunrise and sunset will happen.

It keeps track of your daily activities and where you need to be, it also connects to maps and keeps track of traffic. It will tell you when you what time you need to leave in order to get to a meeting on time, even accounting for traffic.

Not everything will be good though. The biggest difference between the Apple Watch and other smart watches or wearable devices is the processor and display. The Apple Watch is incredibly powerful, with a bright display that can even be seen outside in bright daylight. This means that it is going to eat through its battery life fairly quickly.

Apple says that their watch will need to be charged every day under normal use, which means only about 3 hours of active use, and the rest of the time on standby.

People who don’t take off their watch will have to learn to sleep very close to an electrical outlet.

The watch has some really cool features, but it will probably take a few iterations (updated models) for Apple to work out all of the kinks.

It would probably be smart to wait until the second version to come out if you are interested, because the second product Apple releases in a series is usually much improved.

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