By James Teeter

Destiny Titan
Destiny Titan

“Destiny,” the game, has changed the way we play a game.

Just be aware: Unlike many games, to play this one you must have an Internet access, to tie into the Xbox Live server.

There is so much that this game has to offer between characterization and picking what type of class of guardian.

There are three classes in this game: You have the Titan, Warlock and the Hunter. As you go into creating your guardian, you have three ways of making your person: You have humans, the Awoken, and the “Exo.”

Each has its own weapons and story line and each has its own way of doing things.

The campaign takes place in Russia 2715. Earth in a post-apocalyptic state.

The planet has been overrun by aliens and there is only one last city left on earth that’s not overrun by the aliens — and it’s called “The Tower.”

The other planets have no chance to survive and need our help. You, as guardians of earth, are the last hope for the planet.

As you fight your way thought the invaded planets to fight the Fallen, they only have one mission and that is to take over our galaxy, and to destroy all humans.

As you journey throughout this game, you find a little helper called a ghost.

As you embark on the journey you learn the secrets of the Fallen and what they plan for our planet.

You also resave many items that help you through space. You have a sparrow that is just like a hover scooter. You also have a spaceship.

You are also equipped with various guns and other helpful items to help you conquer the galaxy.

The game has downloadable features; some are already out, others will be out soon.

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