By Lariena Nokes

How to make your children behave? This question goes through the minds of many parents and guardians. Also, in today’s society, many forms of discipline are viewed as abuse and are socially unacceptable, such as spanking or, of course, physical exercise. There is a difference between abuse and good parenting. About 20 years ago, spanking your child in public was not frowned upon. Making your kids run laps around the house was not frowned upon, but in today’s world if you do any of these things to your child it could be considered child abuse.

Parents have less control over kids, compared to parents from the 90’s.

Today’s kids have less respect for elders, due to the fact of the lack of parenting or the fact that the modern style of parenting just isn’t working. All in all, parenting is harder to do in today’s world than in the past because of the views on discipline.

There is a difference between parenting and abuse and the boundaries are clear.

Parenting styles change over time. Twenty years ago children were ordered to run laps around their parent’s homes, fed soap for foul language, or spanked in public.

Public opinion has changed, and now the same poorly behaved child would be sent to timeout, warned not to speak harshly, and scolded with an inside voice.

As parenting heads toward politically correct laissez-fair ideas and solutions, the challenges are greater and the standards are stricter. Children still need physical and creative expression and healthy outlets for their emotions. Repressing development does not result in more mature children; it only makes the job of parents and guardians that much more complicated.

When assertive parents take control of a situation, old fashioned parenting maxims and ideas are useful.

Positive reinforcement is a standard way of correcting children that has withstood the test of time.

If you have gained a child’s respect by the age of three you will have their respect and undivided attention at 13 years old.

If you have conversations with your 4-year-old, you will have a 14-year-old that confides in you and asks your advice.

Children are a work in progress, just like their parents and you never can tell how many personal issues anyone is dealing with. So the next time you see a child act up or act out in public, reserve judgment, unless the child is in immediate physical danger, because the parent dealing with the child is learning as they go, too.

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