By Carly Thompson
Editor in Chief

Tricia Paramore began her career at Hutchinson Community College as a biology instructor in 1996. 

In Jan. 2006, she became the Chair for the science, math, and social science department. When the Vice President of Academic Affairs position opened up, she put her name in the hat, knowing it could help her one day become president. 

Paramore’s many roles have allowed her to work with faculty and the institution in different ways. As VPAA, she has enjoyed the many aspects of the job and figured she would be for a few more years. However, the opportunity presented itself much faster than anticipated when Carter File announced his retirement in November.

“Ultimately, the presidential role has been my goal. I just didn’t think it would come this quickly,” Paramore said. “This is the time … If I want the opportunity to be the president, then I have to shoot my shot.”

Paramore has done extensive research and had conversations with several people to hear what is important to them in order to better prepare herself for the role. She acknowledges that there will be a lot of learning to do but accredits File with setting up the college for success in the future. She plans to further collaborate with File until his final day. 

While there are many emotions in getting the role, she feels that having experience in many areas of the college has allowed her to better understand the college and its inner workings. 

During her role as department chair, she was involved in leading the Strategic Planning Initiative and the New Faculty Teaching Academy, both of which assisted her in helping students and faculty perform to the best of their abilities. 

“If you have a desire to move up or do something different than what you are doing now, when an opportunity to learn or be more involved presents itself, take it,” Paramore said. 

Paramore will be the first female president in HutchCC history. While she feels the weight of that, she appreciates all of the support she has received since her promotion. She is excited for the opportunity and appreciates the board having faith in her. 

As for the future of the college, she has many ideas. To name a few, she wants to focus on furthering her relationships with people to better understand their roles to better acknowledge any challenges that are being faced as well as highlight their strengths.

“The institution has invested a lot in me over the years,” Paramore said. “I appreciate it and have been the benefactor of that on a number of occasions so being able to provide those opportunities for other people is a focus.”

With increasing technology use, the college will be implementing a student information center. This addition may initially come with some challenges but overall will be a benefit. As far as campus and programs are concerned, she sees room for expansion. With the growing topic of Artificial Intelligence, there is talk of potentially starting a program for that. Paramore also looks to grow fundraising for the facility and scholarship opportunities. 

Her goal is to keep HutchCC affordable in order to attract and maintain students.

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