By Carly Thompson
Editor in Chief

Have you ever seen someone walk by with a cup in hand with what looks like a yummy drink in it? 

Most of the time on campus, it is easy to spot someone sipping on something. Here is what some students around Hutchinson Community College are drinking for their pick-me-ups. 

Kinley Pitts, Hutchinson sophomore, has an Iced Shaken Espresso with 4 pumps of classic syrup and vanilla sweet cream from Starbucks.

Cora Thiel, Burns sophomore, has a Zero Sugar Ultra Strawberry Dreams Monster.

Maddie Ayala, Sterling freshman, has a Strawberry Shortcake Red Bull Infusion from the Cafe on campus.

Joseph Clark, McPherson sophomore, has black coffee from the Cafe and adds his own stroopwafel on top. 

Olivia Romey, Hutchinson sophomore, has an Iced White Mocha with coconut and vanilla from Scooters.

Leona Vinsonhaler, Kinsley sophomore, has a Peach Sparkd’ Energy from Dunkin.

Alyssa Wall, Hutchinson sophomore, has an Original Iced Coffee from Dunkin’ with three pumps of french vanilla, three pumps of blueberry, and three cream with cold foam on top. 

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