By Cleary Percy
Staff writer

As Hutchinson Community College students return to class after spring break, activities on campus are back as well.

One event that is fast approaching is HutchCC’s Computer Connections event. What is the Computer Connections event? Jesse Newberry, the Computer Support Instructor, provided some details. Newberry explained that the event allowed industry professionals time to speak with students about their companies and the kind of opportunities in terms of employment for students.

“It offers a great opportunity for computer students to engage with professionals that work in a field they hope to go into when they graduate,” Newberry said.

Employers such as IdeaTek, Lowen, Mid-Kansas Coop, and Hutchinson Regional Medical Center will be at the event. In the past, Newberry said, the event has hosted other companies such as INTRUST Bank, Heartland Credit Union, and PrairieStar Health Center.

Newberry said that Hutchinson Community College first launched the event in 2019, and has hosted every spring since.

When asked if any student could attend, or if the event was geared toward certain majors, Newberry said, “The event is for computer students only that are majoring in networking, networking security, web development, computer support, management information systems, and computer science.”

The event will take place on Thursday, March 28th, from 10:20 to 12:30 roughly.

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