Everyone gets down in the dumps and everyone handles it their own way. My preferred method is watching the same one or two shows repeatedly, like clockwork. One of these shows, probably my favorite of all time, is “Bob’s Burgers”. I have rewatched it countless times since its premiere in 2011. I could quote it in my sleep, and I do, quite regularly (true story).

The animated sitcom follows Bob Belcher, who runs “Bob’s Burgers” with his loving wife, Linda, and their three children. The restaurant is constantly in danger of going out of business, despite Bob’s hard work and inventive burgers. Together the Belchers face different challenges, including their trouble-making children and a rivalry with the owner of the pizza place across the street.

So if you’re in search of a new comfort show, look no further. When life gets hard, what helps me is to laugh. That show makes me laugh like no other. The Belcher family has gotten me through some of the lowest points in my life just by making me giggle and reminding me of what’s important – teaching me that being myself is okay and to love my family.

It’s adult animation without crude and over-the-top jokes like other animated shows have. They slip in a grown-up joke here and there, but there are also jokes that kids understand and I think that’s neat. The sitcom can be perceived as weird, which I will admit is fair. The complaint I hear the most about it is that the animation style is creepy. There are also… interesting characters like Tina, Bob’s eldest daughter, who is obsessed with boys and butts and writes spicy fan fiction. There’s also the middle child, Gene, who speaks in mostly bathroom humor, and the youngest, Louise, is a criminal mastermind at nine years old. But the weirdness of Bob’s Burgers is what makes it so wonderful and funny! It would be boring if it had normal characters and lamer artwork.

The writing is hilarious, but the puns themselves should win awards. In Bob’s restaurant, there is a chalkboard in the dining room, where Bob writes the Burger of the Day every day. Some of my favorite burgers of the day include “The Let’s Give ‘Em Something Shittake ‘Bout Burger” and “New Bacon-ings” Burger. Tell me that’s not stupidly funny. You can’t.

The writers also showcase their puns through an exterminator van in the introduction song and through one of the storefronts next door to the restaurant, which frequently changes.

The bangin’ soundtrack is another reason I love the show. Between the kids and Linda, who is a musical theater fan, the songs are hilarious and imaginative. The music is always catchy and the lyrics are clever – it’s for sure part of what makes the show so wonderful.

While I love to laugh, I also love how wholesome the show can be. The family theme is pretty strong in this show and it really warms my heart sometimes. Bob and his family struggle with their restaurant and personal lives throughout the show. They frequently get into shenanigans and argue amongst themselves, but they always find their way back to each other. There is so much love in the Belcher household, and their dynamic is what I want in a family someday.

Even if you don’t like sitcoms, I highly recommend this show to anyone. It’s the perfect show to watch on any occasion – when you need to smile or sleep or just have some noise in the background.

Lizzie Kipp is a Hutchinson sophomore majoring in General Studies.

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