By Cleary Percy
Staff writer

As Hutchinson Community College students begin to prepare for midterms and look forward to Spring Break, many have begun to enroll for classes in the Summer and Fall 2024 semesters.

Why are students encouraged to begin enrolling in classes now versus waiting?

DJ Chastain, the Coordinator of Advising and Career Development at HutchCC, said reasons are many.

“Early enrollment is important because classes fill up quickly,” Chastain said. “The longer you wait, the less class times are available and this can make scheduling classes difficult.”

Furthermore, it is important to connect with your academic advisor early so you and your advisor can complete a detailed degree plan to keep you on track with graduation and transfer if you plan to attend a transfer institution.”

When asked how students can enroll early, Chastain said enrollment for classes can happen at any time.

“Enrollment for next year is open now,” Chastain said. “If you are wanting to attend HutchCC next year and want to enroll now, contact your academic advisor and make an appointment.”

Although midterms and Spring Break are fast approaching, enrolling now can save problems and headaches later on.

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